Re: Why kids kill ?

Eliezer S. Yudkowsky (
Fri, 28 May 1999 02:12:31 -0500

Brian Atkins wrote:
> by Leonard Pitts
> But it seems obvious, doesn't it? These are the children of
> entitlement. These are the children who were never shamed enough,

Sounds to me like one of those "Hey, Old People!" comics from Tom the Dancing Bug. The actual research on this subject would appear to show that the key factor in school violence is not low self-esteem, or high self-esteem, but the combination of (1) low self-esteem and (2) the belief that self-esteem should be higher. So it is in point of fact true that the Clueless People, psychiatrists and social workers, are screwing up the nation's youth. But that's been an experimentally established fact for years. Let's not make it worse by shoving things in an equally-clueless-but-opposite direction.

Whose fault is the second shooting? Not the video games. Not the violent TV shows. The news shows. The tear-jerkers. The ones who made a big huge deal out of it and interviewed the survivors and showed the Congresspeople making speeches. The ones who glamorized it, in other words. I find it particularly ironic that the Senate's bill was punctuated by another shooting and nobody seemed to think the two might be related.

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