Re: Property Rights

Michael S. Lorrey (
Wed, 26 May 1999 18:41:50 -0400

"Joe E. Dees" wrote:

> THAT would be your answer to the parents????? "Suck it up,
> folks; no need to be irrationally emotional about this li'l ole
> aberration. It's only your kids lying dead in there."
> >
> > Please keep it up though. The more and more banners rant, the
> > more rational people can see that the NRA is the one arguing with
> > integrity and reason, and that it is HCI and ilk who are the
> > "extremists".
> >
> Hey, just wait'll a few more schoolkids get killed, and maybe the
> NRA will come out in favor of universal tommygun ownership again!

When I was in high school in the 80's, we had a wave phenomenon like this too, only it was suicide. In one year the incidence of teen age suicide popped up by some huge factor. The reason is because kids who were in need of help saw how much attention those kids who tried to kill themselves did, and how much their peers expressed how much they cared for the students who did kill themselves, and they wanted that attention too. At some point it got old and everyone said how much of a loser such and so was to kill themselves, and the wave stopped.

The homicide wave has been going on all thru the 90's, but up till this year it was mostly just in minority schools, so it was attributed to gang violence. It is far harder now for a kid to get a gun than when I was in school. In fact, I took my hunter safety course at school (they won't offer it anymore). You can't blame it on the guns.

Mike Lorrey