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> >> We will never work together with the antigun folks, their
> >> desire is to eliminate all guns.
> > Your us-them mentality and subsequent hard-line circle-the-
> > wagons extremism is one of the main obstacles to reasonable
> > people co-opreating to craft readonable solutions.
> Oh, and the gun banners are all rational, reasonable people
> willing to work side-by-side with gun owners for good solutions?
> Yeah, right.
No less reasonable than "gun nuts." (Why do ya think they call 'em nuts?).
> >> The existing gun laws, minus those that are unconstitutional,
> >> (handgun bans, assault weapons ban) are sufficient if enforced.
> > Tell that to the parents of the Littleton dead, that B.G checks at
> > gun shows aren't needed. I'd love to see how they answered you.
> See what I mean? It's meaningless irrational emotional bullshit
> like that that costs gun-banners any hope of credibility. They
> keep pointing to the problem with tearful rhetoric about dead kids
> without even the faintest clue that anything they do will actually
> work, and then they villify as evil anyone with the temerity to
> even suggest that they might be wrong. The press makes things
> worse by highlighting the rare and spectacular incidents like this
> while completely ignoring the thousands of occasions where guns
> quietly served their purpose.
THAT would be your answer to the parents????? "Suck it up, folks; no need to be irrationally emotional about this li'l ole aberration. It's only your kids lying dead in there."
> Please keep it up though. The more and more banners rant, the
> more rational people can see that the NRA is the one arguing with
> integrity and reason, and that it is HCI and ilk who are the
> "extremists".
Hey, just wait'll a few more schoolkids get killed, and maybe the NRA will come out in favor of universal tommygun ownership again!
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