Re: Goals
Tue, 18 May 1999 10:16:11 -0700 (PDT)

jonwill [] wrote:
>Thanks. My belief is that since everyone desires a good life,

But what kind of 'good life' do they desire? If two groups have entirely different ideas of what a 'good life' entails, then who chooses which 'good life' we work for?

>we should make
>the same a common goal, and devote some more resources toward finding the
>to make it a reality for all.

And what of those whose idea of a 'good life' does not involve spending their time working to provide a 'good life' for others?

>Humanity's future is not limited to our solar system.

Humanity *is* limited to this solar system for decades to come; and even if we do leave it we won't be able to acquire resources fast enough in other solar systems to allow everyone to have everything they could desire.

>True. But if all mental and physical desires are fulfilled who would be
>in the market to purchase the same, and what incremental value would one
>charge if they have all mental and physical desires fulfilled?

"If no-one wanted anything, who would want anything?" Duh.

>True. But won't future abilities allow for the replication of the same?

You think the Israelis and Arabs will be happy to each have a duplicate of Jerusalem, rather than the real city?

>Robots won't be able to eventually perform such tasks?

Many of the tasks you want to eliminate will require human-level sentience. What exactly is the benefit of enslaving a human-level sentience made of silicon so that a human-level sentience made of goop doesn't have to do the work?

>The achievement of a higher level of increased conscious-being may
>eliminate such behavioral pathologies. If not, people so disposed will
>have to find alternative remedies such as playing dictator in virtual

And if they refuse to do it in VR and choose to become a dictator for real?