Re: Goals

jonwill (
Tue, 18 May 1999 12:47:46 -0400

David Lubkin wrote:

> Dear Jon,
> I'm glad you're excited about the prospects of the future.

Thanks. My belief is that since everyone desires a good life, we should make the same a common goal, and devote some more resources toward finding the knowledge to make it a reality for all.

> Pointing out just a few of the fallacies:
> a. There is no limit to how much material wealth someone might want. Only a
> few of
> us can have brains the size of Jupiter in this solar system.

Humanity's future is not limited to our solar system.

> b. Unless sub-nano tech comes along and is cheap, rare elements are still
> valuable.

There could be other solutions such as development of manmade materials that outperform these "rare elements".

> c. Information is always of value.

True. But if all mental and physical desires are fulfilled who would be in the market to purchase the same, and what incremental value would one charge if they have all mental and physical desires fulfilled?

> d. Location is still unique (although arguably less important).

True. But won't future abilities allow for the replication of the same?

> e. Personal service is still relevant.

Robots won't be able to eventually perform such tasks?

> f. Nanotech and associated developments are not a guarantee against
> busy-bodies who
> want to control others "for their own good" and other human behavioral
> pathologies.

The achievement of a higher level of increased conscious-being may eliminate such behavioral pathologies. If not, people so disposed will have to find alternative remedies such as playing dictator in virtual reality.