Re: Goals

jonwill (
Tue, 18 May 1999 12:19:54 -0400 wrote:

> Personally I'm not terribly interested in Jupiter-sized brains myself, I'm
> just pointing out that the utopians who tell us that everyone will have all
> their needs and desires fulfilled obviously don't have a clue as to just
> how much some people will desire. What they're really saying is 'I don't
> have very big needs and desires, so if I multiply that by n billion then
> we can easily meet everyone's needs and desires, if only they think just
> like me'. Then, of course, they have to stop anyone with greater needs and
> desires from acting upon them because that would tear their utopia apart.

The universe is infinite and therefore has enough room to handle a Jupiter-sized brain for everyone if so desired. Once we figure out how the human brain works, see and how to achieve full mental satisfaction, we will better understand what effect such full mental satisfaction will have on current paradigms such as material desire, and therefore know which technologies to give priority toward in order to satisfy the same. Of course if we find the ability to reach a place beyond Utopia (Entopia), where humans exist in a state of pure energy, then all these material world issues become academic.