Re: Gender importance (Summary)

Anders Sandberg (
24 Apr 1999 19:01:03 +0200

"Scott Badger" <> writes:

> Undifferentiated 11.0%
> Masculine 55.5%
> Feminine 5.5%
> Androgynous 28.0%
> So, Extropians appear to be strongly disposed toward traditionally masculine
> attributes, although a significant number are Androgynous.

OK, we are biased by having a lot of males in the test sample (only two women in the sample of 18), but I think we can say with a rather high likeliehood that the percentage androgynous are significantly higher than in the mean population. Aren't they supposed to be the smallest group?

There is a psychology paper waiting to be written in this. ("Personality and Gender Role Boundary Transgression among Neophiles"?)

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