Re: Gender importance (Summary)

Scott Badger (
Fri, 23 Apr 1999 17:51:44 -0500

Here is a summary of the BEM results. I did notice that this instrument does have a bug. The mid-point (neutral valence) for each item is 4. When there is no directionality in your scores, the survey says so and concludes that you are Androgynous. This is only true, however, if your scores are both above the mid-point since this means that you are endorsing attributes from both genders. If your scores are non-directional and below or very close to 4, you would actually be classified as Undifferentiated, since you aren't really endorsing attributes from either gender. Curt Adams, for example, appears relatively Undifferentiated but was above the mid-ppoint so I classified him as Masc.

Name Feminine Masculine Type

Jocelyn Brown 4.75 5.10 Andro

Billy Brown 4.10 5.80 Masc

Scott Badger 4.50 5.50 Masc

Damien Broderick 1.95 5.10 Masc

Michael Lorrey 3.90 6.20 Masc

Eddie Sullivan 5.25 5.00 Andro

Greg Burch 4.00 5.95 Masc

Michael Butler 3.80 4.15 Undiff

James Rogers 3.15 6.25 Masc

Gina Miller 4.80 6.15 Masc

Diego A Mayer-Cantu 4.15 4.65 Masc

Eric Ruud 4.65 4.80 Andro

Anders Sandberg 4.85 5.20 Andro

Lee Daniel Crocker 3.85 3.70 Undiff

Curt Adams 4.45 4.15 Andro

William Wyatt 3.70 5.80 Masc

Alejandro Dubrovsky 4.60 3.45 Femin

Countzero 4.15 4.95 Masc

Summary Statistics

Mean 4.14 5.11 Masc

Undifferentiated 11.0%

Masculine            55.5%
Feminine               5.5%
Androgynous      28.0%

So, Extropians appear to be strongly disposed toward traditionally masculine attributes, although a significant number are Androgynous. I can't find it in the archives, but didn't the Myers-Briggs test we took earlier reveal that the largest group was ENTJ? It's very likely that there's a strong relationship between these two measures.