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Gina Miller (
Thu, 22 Apr 1999 18:33:08 PDT

Ok, I didn't mean that on a factual basis but rather posed it as a question.
And I wasn't refering to anyone having a precursor disposition to emotional problems as in a cause for lack of sex, but as a later effect of.(in the purely biophysical sense ie. hormones ect.)
And in response to the chauvinist male thing, I am a woman, and am not rearing one sex against another, I meant in general. Gina "Nanogirl" Miller

>"Gina Miller" <> writes:
>> I'm not a doctor (I just play one on T.V.), but I would venture to
>> guess that a lack of sex could cauze physical and emotional
>Huh? What is your evidence for this? I did a cursory medline check
>didn't find anything.
>I actually think that this is mostly a myth (which is especially
>spread by male chauvinists ascribing female behavior they don't like
>to a lack of sexual activity of the woman).
>> I am wondering what type of differences their are biologically, if
>> hormones are surpressed or antagonized.
>Note that this depends a lot on *how* they are influenced. I would
>the human mind and body can handle it quite well.
>(Another meme which I'm suspicious of is this idea that suppressing
>something will automatically lead to a catastrophic build up. It is
>based on Freud's thinking, and might apply in some areas but the
>general applicability is rather doubtful.)
>Personally I think being asexual can have many benefits. It saves
>energy and time for other fields of activity, helps to avoid getting
>trapped by many powerful atavisms and cultural biases and makes it
>possible to sneak out of many gender stereotypes, etc.


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