Re: Nanorgasm

Anders Sandberg (
23 Apr 1999 00:19:15 +0200

"Gina Miller" <> writes:

> I'm not a doctor (I just play one on T.V.), but I would venture to
> guess that a lack of sex could cauze physical and emotional problems.

Huh? What is your evidence for this? I did a cursory medline check and didn't find anything.

I actually think that this is mostly a myth (which is especially spread by male chauvinists ascribing female behavior they don't like to a lack of sexual activity of the woman).

> I am wondering what type of differences their are biologically, if
> hormones are surpressed or antagonized.

Note that this depends a lot on *how* they are influenced. I would say the human mind and body can handle it quite well.

(Another meme which I'm suspicious of is this idea that suppressing something will automatically lead to a catastrophic build up. It is based on Freud's thinking, and might apply in some areas but the general applicability is rather doubtful.)

Personally I think being asexual can have many benefits. It saves energy and time for other fields of activity, helps to avoid getting trapped by many powerful atavisms and cultural biases and makes it possible to sneak out of many gender stereotypes, etc.

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