Re: Nanorgasm

Anders Sandberg (
23 Apr 1999 12:38:13 +0200

"Gina Miller" <> writes:

> Ok, I didn't mean that on a factual basis but rather posed it as a
> question.
> And I wasn't refering to anyone having a precursor disposition to
> emotional problems as in a cause for lack of sex, but as a later
> effect of.(in the purely biophysical sense ie. hormones ect.)

The only abstinence result I know of are among fruit flies, where it increases male lifespan. But it is likely not applicable among us mammals.

> And in response to the chauvinist male thing, I am a woman, and am
> not rearing one sex against another, I meant in general.

Don't worry, I never thought you were a male chauvinist (or female chauvinist).

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