RE: ethical problem? Some kind of problem, anyway...

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Mon, 19 Apr 1999 22:09:08 PDT

I'm no sentimental fool, but man, this is crazy talk (below). People staying together cuz they are old? Or about to keel over anyway's? I don't know what the rest of the world want's in life, but I'm true to myself, or I'll never be happy. I am with someone because I want to be, and no other reason. (or I'm not there- and I expect the same) Gina "Nanogirl" Miller
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>From: "O'Regan, Emlyn" <>
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>Subject: RE: ethical problem? Some kind of problem, anyway...
>Date: Tue, 20 Apr 1999 11:56:45 +1000

>>How long do you all think marriages will last in a world where
everyone is
>>ageless. I know I'm not going to let the preacher include, "Till
death do
>>us part." in the vows. I suspect that the average marriage in the
>>would last for a shorter period of time than it does today. To be
blunt and
>>insensitive, I think that many people stay in a relatively loveless
>>relationship as they get older because they feel there are no other
>I think a lot of people stay in loveless relationships as they get
>because they think "what the hell, one of us will die soon enough".
>Which leads to the same kind of dilemma in the context of
>and I wonder how people will resolve it.
>Similarly with jobs. I think that a lot of people work their 40+
>in a career happy to know that it will come to an end in some
>period of time: I'd say a lot of (or most) people don't like their
>career, or to put it another way, if they were idependently wealthy,
>they'd stop working. Try telling them that they're ageless now, and
>retirement age has moved to 400, or 800, or 100,000, or never.
>Hopefully they'll quit, and do something interesting. Go surfing?
>building Transhuman AIs?
>There are some excellent, and very difficult changes to come from
>extended life.

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