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I don't think anyone (excluding hypochondriacs of course) really likes going to the doctors. We're all a facsimile of a child who needs a little lolly pop reassurance.
Last July, I was in a car wreck, those Dr.s saved my leg and my life. Everyday I thank God for Dr. Morris. Previous to his arrival at the hospital, the on duty Dr. was simply going to remove my leg. We'll, I'm walking know.
I was given a lot of perscriptions, that I find unnecessary and do not take. However I personally am aware of this particluar situation, was in my medical benefit. That is not to say that I haven't have negative or mis-diagnosed experiences with the medical field in the past or that I haven't passing away hours of my day in a waiting room. I have. Like every aspect of life, they are people, and we don't have all the answers. There have been some Dr.s that I would never see again, and then there are the ones like Dr. Morris. Gina "Nanogirl" Miller

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>On 4/6/99, Hal Finney wrote:
>>I don't like going to doctors either, but then I think of cases like
>>muppeteer Jim Henson, who died of pneumonia a couple of years ago.

>>can't help thinking that if he'd gone to the doctor instead of

>>for that darn cough to go away, he'd be alive today.
>The trouble with aneqdotes is, of course, that one can also find lots
>of cases of people who died because they did go to a doctor.
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