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Date: Mon, 23 Jun 97 11:03:55 BST
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Subject: WSC2 On-line Conference Open


The 2nd On-line World Conference on Soft Computing in Engineering
Design and Manufacturing (WSC2) is now open.

The conference includes the following sessions:

S1. Evolutionary Computing
S2. Neural Networks
S3. Fuzzy Logic
S4. Genetic Algorithms
S5. Decision Support, Constraints & Optimisation
S6. Engineering Design
S7. Scheduling, Manufacturing and Robotics
S8. Dynamic Systems, Identification and Control

A total of 46 papers are available on-line, the majority of which use
or study evolutionary algorithms (at least three papers are on GP).

If you are interested in retrieving the papers and/or in participating
to the discussion, here are the conference Web servers (choose the
nearest to you):

Bath, UK:
Cranfield, UK:
Bombay, India:
East Lansing, US:
Nagoya, Japan:

Once there, click on the "virtual conference hall" icon and read the



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