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>On Sun, 22 Jun 1997, Geoff Smith wrote:
>> Can anyone recommend a relatively inexpensive and effective antioxidant or
>> antioxidant formula? Has anyone experienced any significant or
>> interesting health benefits from an antioxidant?
>There seem to be some controversy about antioxidants since the
>negative results reported in NEJM last year, and some positive
>results published later. At present it is uncertain if (say) vitamin
>C or E does some good or not (beside their obvious uses), but it is
>clear that eating a lot of fruits and vegetables promotes a longer
>and healthier life, possible due to antioxidants or other substances.
>> My friend's father took a relatively new antioxidant and it turned
>> his eyes from blue to brown, and so far they haven't changed back!
>Was it some kind of carotene?
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