Media: Future of the Internet

Felix Ungman (
Fri, 13 Jun 1997 11:53:55 +0200

Natasha Vita More:
>I am being interviewed for a business magazine about where the Internet is
>going - and what we expect to see around 2010 and beyond. The audience is
>more business orientated than necessarily technical. The angle I am taking
>is one of a free-fall imagination of undaunted possibilities for
>transhumans. This is good because the magazine is interested in innovative

Remi mentioned using Internet as an artificial ecosystem for artificial life
forms. From a business point of view, the life forms are business objects,
i.e. bank accounts, stock portfolios, etc. The Internet ecosystem is still too
primitive, but with an object bus, like CORBA, these living objects will
have a place to live in. This CORBA thing is really thrilling. It will be the
next level of global human-machine-hybrid intelligence.

Felix Ungman