Re: Web Search Engine D***sizing (was :Re: Oldest person)

Erik Moeller (
Sun, 01 Jun 1997 22:42:42 +0200

Michael M. Butler wrote:

> "More powerful"? In one sense, yes. The Inktome engine (which is what
> Hotbot uses) is based on a loosely-coupled maspar array of commodity
> computers, and its strong suit is frequent scans of the entire Web.
> However, I continue to use both AltaVista *and* Hotbot. Each has
> strong and weak points. Hotbot can over-filter at times.
> I also bought AltaVista for my PC. It works adequately. I don't think
> Inktome is offered for individual sale--so in that arena, at least,
> AltaVista wins. YMMV.

Also check out -- it scans all major search
engines and delivers the results in an intelligent form.

>From my experience with it, I can't say that one search in is definitely
better than another.

Erik Moeller