Re: Borg... sounds Swedish...

Dan Hook (
Sun, 1 Jun 1997 15:43:53 -0400

I love a well reasoned argument. Maybe it can be used to persuade the
algae to separate from the fungus in a lichen so that it can assume its
full individuality, just before it dies.
The concept of the individual is not rooted in stone. It is rooted in
malleable cells that make up tissue, that make up neural sub-systems, which
go on to make up the entire nervous system. If one adds more neurons, or
sub-systems is one fundamentally altered? Perhaps a person would like
greater creative ability. Would adding another "creative region" destroy
their individuality? What if they simply borrow it when another person is
not using it in exchange for the other person using part of their brain?
Another idea would be to share experiences. Having direct access to
another's experience could be very useful in avoiding making certain
mistakes. Would it destroy another's individuality? Perhaps I should have
said "formerly limited individual" in attempts to avoid a knee jerk

Dan Hook
> You said the magic words -- "former individual". No thanks. As far as
> I'm concerned, you can take this form of "evolution" and shove it.
> Kennita