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Michael Lorrey (
Fri, 30 May 1997 18:53:36 -0400

Felix Ungman wrote:
> What strikes me, from my browsing on the PT subject, is that it
> is so easy. You don't even need a starting capital, only you're able
> to be more or less flexible with where and how you get your income.
> Opening an offshore bank account doesn't seem more difficult than
> doing it at your local bank. (It's sad that, at least here in Sweden,
> tax-crime is regarded as one of the most serious crime you can
> commit, in fact much worse that murder).

Yeah. I happen to know Hans Thulin (sp?), a Swede who was the first
Swedish real estate billionaire. Seems the Swedish IRS came up with a
tax bill that was 110% of his income and assets, so he skipped the
country with a couple of suitcases of dough and offshore bank accounts.
He moved to Seattle where he bought out the West Coast Hotel Chain and
grew it from less than 15 hotels up to over 50 in a span of less than 5
years. Eventually, the INS was ordered to extradite him back to Sweden
to face his "crimes", but he found out about the order early and caught
a flight elsewhere. The last time I talked to him was when he called a
freind of mine and I from his yatch off Argentina, 2 years ago. He now
hardly ever goes within national waters. He sends a launch with crew
ashore to provision and ferry fuel when needed.
> >With a proper structure of offshore companies and trusts, I can run
> >most of my life from anywhere in the world.
> I think you're right when emphasizing on *structure* and not money.
> For example, if you take the money you spend on an apartment and
> your office (and add the none-tax bonus), you'll probably get a decent
> hotel room where you can sleep and work.

The problem is getting work. How many jobs are there that you can do
from a laptop anywhere?

> >Which brings me to an aside. Why do we need, as Extropians who embrace
> >Intelligent Technology, a physical presence anywhere today?
> The family still is and will continue to be important. But still,
> its not an obstacle for the PT. Event if you travel a lot, you'll
> probably want to return "home" once in a while.
> Felix Ungman

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