Re: NEWS: Pollution increases criminality

Michael Lorrey (
Fri, 30 May 1997 19:09:58 -0400

The Low Golden Willow wrote:
> Repeat after me class, correlation is not causation...
> *General technical language question at bottom.*
> On May 30, 6:53pm, Erik Moeller wrote:
> } LONDON (May 29, 1997 00:49 a.m. EDT) - New Scientist magazine reported
> } Thursday that polluted water can cause brain damage that turns ordinary
> } people into violent criminals.
> }
> } He found a definite link between pollution figures and levels of murder,
> } assault and robbery. Counties with the highest pollution levels had crime
> } rates triple the national average.
> }
> } "The presence of pollution is as big a factor as poverty," Masters told New
> } Scientist.

The fact that Masters is at Dartmouth says it all to me. I live 4 miles
from campus ( I grew up here). Dartmouth is a liberal arts college, i.e.
its so called "scientific" studies are typically published for the
purpose of rubber stamping a previously agreed upon politically correct
leftist liberal opinion, lobbying position, or public policy of a
liberal government body. The official position of the faculty is that
objective science is an artifact of bigoted northern european male
culture. These people are so stupid that a professor of toxicology
poisoned herself with mercury and didn't even know about it until she
was in the emergency ward recovering from a two week long coma.

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