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Kathryn Aegis wrote:
> The Borg saga has taken a new twist with the season finale of the
> Star Trek Voyager series, in which the Borg encounter a species with
> extremely dense DNA that overwhelms their attempts at assimilation.
> The Voyager crew is faced with making their way through Borg space
> and try to cut a deal with the Borg after they develop what they
> think is a method of fighting the biological hordes utilizing Borg
> technology. There is an excellent explanation of Borg assimilation
> technique, as well.
> Of course, we won't find out what happens for several months, but it
> is interesting to see a storyline developed between two possible
> modes of projected evolution.

Its interesting that the story implied that this new species are
ferocious fighters who live by an extremely Darwinian credo: "And the
weak shall perish." This would explain why their military technologies
have reached such a high level that they can take on and wipe out a Borg
Armada of 15 cubes with ease. That they originate from a thin stream of
space that is awash in "gravi-temporal disturbances" would imply the
possibility that they are an extremely advanced species from the far
future (which would explain the dense DNA, which would resist rediation
better than ours does) possibly near the opemga point. Their extreme
level of evolvement, and DNA radiation resistance together point to

Working with the Borg serves a useful strategic interest, not only of
the Voyager, but of the Federation. The Borg are apparently the only
thing impeding this new species advancement into Federation space. If
you help the Borg fight the new species, they will 1) be less likely to
flee into Federation space, and 2)be more occupied with fighting the new
species than in fleeing, thus slowing the Borg expansion into Federation

Another possibility is that this conflict is what caused the Borg to
become borganized. This may have happened as a desperate response to
this overwhelming threat. What they do to other species is seen in the
collective as of utmost importance as it is supporting the "defense
effort" against this alien species.

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