Re: Extropians Ltd.

Felix Ungman (
Mon, 26 May 1997 11:55:52 +0200

my inner geek:
>> I would like to know if someone on this list has more personal ideas
>> to share?
>I'm interested in human/machine interface technologies for the

Yes, that's always an exellent innovation strategy. If think more
or less any technology that helps a disabled person will help the
not-so-disabled person as well. (We're all disabled if we have
good enough imagination.) It's an fairly easy strategy as well, just
take a look at the existing medical niche market, then rework
the product into something that is cheap to produce and everyone
can use.

My original question was more like: If you already have the product
and the market worked out, where and how do you setup your offshore
business to achive maximum freedom and filthy richness? (ie personal