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Felix Ungman wrote:
> my inner geek:
> >> I would like to know if someone on this list has more personal ideas
> >> to share?
> >
> >I'm interested in human/machine interface technologies for the
> >disabled.
> Yes, that's always an exellent innovation strategy. If think more
> or less any technology that helps a disabled person will help the
> not-so-disabled person as well. (We're all disabled if we have
> good enough imagination.) It's an fairly easy strategy as well, just
> take a look at the existing medical niche market, then rework
> the product into something that is cheap to produce and everyone
> can use.
> My original question was more like: If you already have the product
> and the market worked out, where and how do you setup your offshore
> business to achive maximum freedom and filthy richness? (ie personal
> opinions)

Well, you want to set up someplace that has no income tax/capital gains
tax, but still has zero or very low tariffs for exporting to the US
market. There are several Carribean nations that fill this requirement,
like St. Kitts. Being signatory members of the Carribean Basin
Initiative, a free/almost free trade pact developed in the Reagan
administration after the Grenada conflict, many carribean island nations
have special trade priviledges under this. They are also now pressing to
become members of NAFTA.

ALso, I recommend doing your banking in a country like the Seyschelles,
an archipelago nation in the Indian Ocean. Depositing at least $2
million in a Seychellian bank makes one eligible for diplomatic status
as well as citizenship in the Seychelles. This gets you diplomatic
immunity when traveling or living in any other nation with normal
relations with the Seychelles.

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