Re: Extropians Ltd.

Felix Ungman (
Tue, 27 May 1997 11:01:59 +0200

James Rogers:
>Myself and a few others have been looking at offshore company formation for
>a while now. What type of company are you thinking of starting?

I think an obvious one is the software industry. The offshore company
can buy copyrights or sublicense rights and get the royalty payments.

>I have stacks of papers from the State Department as well as a couple overseas
>governments regarding the issue of overseas company formation. You don't
>realize how easy it is to start a company in the U.S. until you try and do
>it in another country.

Have you taken a look at the offshore service companies? Some offer
you an offshore starup in two days. I don't know how serious some
of them are, but if they do what they say it might be worth the money.

Michael Lorrey:
>ALso, I recommend doing your banking in a country like the Seyschelles,
>an archipelago nation in the Indian Ocean. Depositing at least $2
>million in a Seychellian bank makes one eligible for diplomatic status
>as well as citizenship in the Seychelles. This gets you diplomatic
>immunity when traveling or living in any other nation with normal
>relations with the Seychelles.

Thats nice (just have to get filthy rich first). I've seen some countries
offering citizenship for a $50000 government bond investment. For
the time being, my swedish passport gets me where I want.

Felix Ungman