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On Sun, 11 May 1997, Anders Sandberg replied to ard:

AS> ... So my guess is that combining foods is just a simple strategy to
AS> be sure you have all nutrients you need by ingesting a bigger mixture,
AS> nothing more, nothing less.

AS> ... It should be noted that animalic food
AS> contains all EAA, it is just vegans who need to worry (?) about them
AS> and eat a somewhat more diverse diet.

Yes. In particular the essential amino acid Lysine is deficient
in plant proteins. Lysine can prevent glyco-sylation in ageing
and (IIRC) is important for strong muscles and immune function.

In talking with vegans I am always surprised that so frequently
they are unaware of this possible deficiency. If the vegan
diet is restricted (perhaps to lose weight) lysine deficiency
is almost inevitable. Does anyone know of any (relatively rich)
plant sources for lysine ?