Rick Knight (
Fri, 23 May 97 11:49:36 CST


There seems to be an abundance of interest in and information provided
about how to invest in the market economy. I've yet to thoroughly
peruse some of the ideas and perspectives since the thread has
dominated recent digests I receive (although the idea of investing in
a company like Coca-cola, simply because of its yet untapped
markets--presumably in developing nations--seems disconnected from the
consequences both to health and environment that result from its mass

Why do I keep equating this type of capitalist-get-ahead preoccupation
with pure narcissism? Could someone assist me in understanding how
post-human potentialities tie in with reasoning that doesn't seem to
link conscious choice with one's personal mission statement? Perhaps
I'm in the wrong realm. I was under the impression that extropian
principles had a more broad-sweeping implication, that they pushed the
envelope of sociological, physiological, psychological paradigms.
That benevolence would be a natural result of evolved thinking. I
keep hoping to find it in the dozen or so digests I've received. But
it I'm coming to the conclusion that it's "Ultra-Me", with a
proclivity towards the accumulation of material "stuff" in the current
consumer-based, opportunity-scrounging market economy. Is that the
game we are forced to play for the time being? Are we biding time,
collecting sufficient current-value resources? Is extropian-ism a
methodical infiltration of the current motif? (Come to think of it,
are there any cultural changes that aren't?).

As I re-read this, part of me is concerned about its candor. I
apologize for any perceived haughtiness from this critical feedback
but it's only in an effort to understand and to contribute to the
definition, creed and itinerary of the post-human agenda. Your
patience is requested. If you feel your guard going up on any of
these issues, look at that more closely before instinctively clenching
your virtual fist okay? I will not engage in any online spats for the
sake of "being right". I want to be shown the road map of how you get
there from here on this route with this method of transporation, if
you'll indulge the metaphor.

Fundamentally, what is the division of energy for an extropian between
"business as usual" and "inventing a future that is heretofore
unrecognizable"? As of late in this discussion, the scales are tipped
into the category of the former and my interest is beginning to wane.
I'll stay on the digest for a while yet to see what may come of this.


Rick Knight