Re: Investments

Max More (
Thu, 22 May 1997 19:52:27 -0700

At 01:30 PM 5/22/97 -0700, James wrote:
>Index funds will only remain a good choice for the next couple years and
>for the really long term. Broader funds, especially ones that represent
>international markets, would be better choices for the medium-term. For
>mutual funds, I prefer ones that do not track a particular index, but you
>have to shop more carefully to get good results.

Thanks for that feedback. Since you and Perry seem to have some
differences, I'd be interested to hear if Perry agrees.

>> I bought my few
>>shares of stock a month ago. It's up 13%, so I can boast -- for now! -- of
>>an annualized return of 156%.
>Not to burst your bubble, but after trading costs, you pretty much tracked
>the market indices for the same period. Also, diversification is important
>to reliable growth and lowering risk.

Of course, but if you don't yet have enough money to diversify, the next
best thing is to pick one very safe stock. Given the markets still opening
to Coca Cola, I think it's a very safe bet. I intend to hold the stock for
many years.