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> ("Rick Knight") writes:
>> Greetings,
>> There seems to be an abundance of interest in and information provided
>> about how to invest in the market economy. I've yet to thoroughly
>> peruse some of the ideas and perspectives since the thread has
>> dominated recent digests I receive (although the idea of investing in
>> a company like Coca-cola, simply because of its yet untapped
>> markets--presumably in developing nations--seems disconnected from the
>> consequences both to health and environment that result from its mass
>> consumption).
> I'm unsure about the environmental effects of Coke, but anyone who
>had read much Extropian writings about health would avoid drinking
>drinking high calorie, low vitamin foods such as regular Coke (the
>health effects of diet Coke are less clear).

I am perfectly willing to tailor my investments according to my values.
Environmental health is one of those, but I don't see any environmental
problems caused by Coke (anymore than result from any form of production in
our pre-nano, only partially market-based system). As for health, which of
course is a major value to me -- especially my own -- I drink Diet Coke
sometimes, and don't believe it's harming me. Drinking a large quantity
might be bad because of the phosphoric acid (informed feedback is welcome
here), but I don't drink much. Sugary Coke shouldn't be bad for someone if
they drink it *occasionally*. That choice is up to each individual. I do
not see it as my duty to refrain from investing in Coke because some people
choose to drink five cans of sugary Coke per day.


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