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John K Clark (johnkc@well.com)
Wed, 14 May 1997 21:06:38 -0700 (PDT)


Erik Moeller <flagg@oberberg-online.de> Wrote:

>Trained demagogues who are supposed to infiltrate Cuba. [...] When
>you see big demonstrations in the Tv, like in Bosnia, Bulgaria etc.,
>this can only be the effect of media propaganda.

Yes, it must be outside agitators, I certainly can't think of any other
explanation why people would be unhappy to live in a totalitarian country.
The western agents are not just demagogues, they're also skillful actors,
they can scream just as if they were being tortured, make themselves look
thin like they were starving and even play dead so well they start to rot.
Very talented fellows, but evil of course.

>Castro isn't a bum, he will keep this [western] influence as low as
>possible, not because he wants to keep his power but because he
>knows that many people would suffer otherwise.

Absolutely. The idea that Castro could be interested in power for its own
sake is pure libel, a lie concocted by those nasty media people and financed
by big business and aliens in the spaceship following comet Hale Bopp.

Everybody knows that that you'll never find a nicer bunch of people than
dictators, I can't think of even one example from History where they've been
anything but true humanitarians, kind, gentle, nurturing and brilliant
economists. They only want to help people, power is not important to a tyrant.
A day without Castro is like a day without sunshine.

>Cuba is, besides North Korea, one of the last socialist regimes
>which doesn't privatize itself too much.

North Korea? NORTH KOREA!!! Erik, I know you consider individual freedom to
be a great evil and certainly North Korea doesn't have a bit of it, but do
you think that virtue totally compensates for it also being one of the poorest
most backward places on Earth? Do you really want to hold up this hellhole as
an example deserving of special merit because it "doesn't privatize itself
too much", is this the direction you want us to go?

>Cuba doesn't supress any abilities, it just prevents people from
>becoming richer than necessary.

Exactly, socialism can't make poor people rich but it can do something just
as good, it can make rich people poor.

>With the US, a main trade partner is gone. Economic impoverishment
>is a direct consequence of this.

Some might say that if you want to be prosperous then treat your main
customer well, and if you don't then don't expect him to want to continue
trading with you, but of course these unenlightened people don't understand
the glories of socialism and dictatorship.

>The war in Bosnia was a product of western capitalist countries,
>designed to change power structures in that region and to push arms

And to think, the dupes of the western media thought the war was
caused by centuries of religious and ethnic strife. I'm sure big business
started the war somehow, I just don't know how, and lots of companies
made a fortune off it, I just can't think of one.

>The wall in Germany fell because of massive media propaganda. Kohl
>himself admitted this afterwards and said it would not have been
>possible without western media.

Do you think a wall and a policy of shooting people in the back if they
try to climb it when they attempt to escape a workers paradise is appropriate
behavior, or would this sort of thing be better suited for a prison?
Assuming for the sake of argument that what you say is true, Is the fall of
the wall supposed to make us think that the western media did a bad thing?

>Many tourists are disappointed after their travel to Cuba because
>there was no single prostitute. Even in Havana you will find hardly
>more prostitutes than in Berlin or Cologne.

I wish you told me that yesterday, anybody want to buy my airplane ticket to
Havana? I wonder what the weather is like in Berlin or Cologne this time
of year.

>A good economy is not only characterized by its growth or size, but
>also by the distribution of wealth and the inequality. That's what
>Libertarians always forget.

This Libertarian has not forgotten it, in fact I think redistribution of
wealth is a fine idea, provided of course I get to do it. I'd be real good
at determining who has too much money and who doesn't have enough,
I'd be real good. I promise I'll never use my power for personal gain,
heaven forbid, I only want to do good. You can trust me, I never lie,
I'll be just as fair as Castro or Stalin.

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