Re: A True Believer

Erik Moeller (
Fri, 09 May 1997 23:28:20 +0200

John K Clark wrote:

> If you can find some shred of objectivity that the
> socialism meme has not destroyed, ask yourself this question, why is the raft
> traffic 100% (and I don't mean 99%) from south to north rather than the
> reverse?

Quite simple.

1) Media propaganda.
2) Financial support by US secret services -- many exile Cubans indeed
have a better life in the US today. Cubans are among the least likely to
become poor.

I'm not for economic isolation. Nor is communism (see COMECON). And Cuba
is practically isolated today. Yet it has a child mortality of a level
comparable to that of industrialized free market economies (8, if I
remember correctly, and the US got about 7).

Erik Moeller