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Thu, 08 May 1997 16:01:07 -0700

John K Clark wrote:
> I'm worried our friend Erik Moeller, he has become infected with a virulent
> meme, and I hate to say this and I hope I'm wrong but, I fear he is in
> serious danger of becoming that most wretched of creatures, A True Believer.
> Erik, it was a bad sign when you ignored the huge difference between East and
> West Europe, but it got worse, much worse. It was absolutely terrifying when
> you dismissed with a shrug of your shoulders and a wave of you hand the
> example of the Koreas, two identical countries except that one is communistic
> and one is not and one is a world economic powerhouse and one is a world
> economic basket case. Your prognosis is not good.
> Nevertheless I haven't completely abandoned the hope that logic can still
> touch you and you'll stop making excuses for moronic dictators who I wouldn't
> trust to run my lawnmower much less run my economy. The fact that these thugs
> butcher many of their own people and make the rest wish they were dead does
> not add their charm. You were singing the praises of Castro, but since he
> came to power, millions, quite literally millions, of people have fled his
> socialistic paradise for the capitalistic hell of Florida, and they have done
> it in incredibly dangerous home made rafts, some little more than a few inner
> tubes lashed together. Many thousands have undoubtedly drowned in the attempt,
> and still they come. If you can find some shred of objectivity that the
> socialism meme has not destroyed, ask yourself this question, why is the raft
> traffic 100% (and I don't mean 99%) from south to north rather than the
> reverse?
> John K Clark
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Here, Here ( a toast in your honor.)Wise words, my friend. CM Lance