Re: WEB: Which registry service?

Michael Lorrey (
Sat, 26 Apr 1997 22:35:10 -0400

Max More wrote:
> I'm not satisfied with how well the Extropy Institute web site shows up on
> the search engines, especially now that we're about to get the word out
> about EXTRO 3.

Here's a tip: in the header of your pages, put a paragraph of 0 size
type that has multiple copies of all the key words and phrases. Since
the header is what gets read first, even engines that read only the
first 50 or 100 words will flag you as having multiple mentions of the
key phrases you think people will use to search with, so your pages will
come up first on the returns list as having the most relevancy to the

I've used the private registry services, and they are a pain in the
butt. Each still expects you to fill out all the info for each type of
search engine. Just to register a corporate site I authored with 20
engines via the Submit It site, it took a day and a half of work online
to fill out all the forms and reply to their email replies for verifying
the data, plus fixing the inevitable screwups their automated systems

I find that working with link exchanges is best, cause when someone else
registers their pages, and they have links to you, the spiders follow
the links to you. My "Mikey's Rail Nut Heaven" page wound up registered
with a few search engines within a few days of me putting it up cause
someone else found the page via my main page and liked it so much they
put up links to it.

Keep in mind, despite their requests to only register one page on your
site, everyone ignores it and registers all their pages, cause otherwise
the spider takes 4-6 months to check out all of the pages, never mind
what they say about 2-3 day service. SO if you've got time on your
hands, register all of your pages, but edit your pages a head of time
with the little keyword gimmick to make your pages have extra relevancy.

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