WEB: Which registry service?

Max More (maxmore@primenet.com)
Fri, 25 Apr 1997 16:47:32 -0700

I'm not satisfied with how well the Extropy Institute web site shows up on
the search engines, especially now that we're about to get the word out
about EXTRO 3.

I welcome suggestions for registration services. I have information from
Central Registry which looks good, though it costs $249. For that they
register you with 550 indexes and directories. They claim to be the oldest
registry and the most comprehensive. Does anyone know if they are good? Are
there others services practically as good but less expensive?

Thanks for any suggestions,


Max More, Ph.D.
President, Extropy Institute, Editor, Extropy
exi-info@extropy.org, http://www.extropy.org
(310) 398-0375