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> << Remember, you need to make that hydrogen at power
> plants >>
> actually, the author states the electrolysis can be done in the car, and the
> reason it's not in use is because the federal government told him that it
> would ruin the economy. Also, the media wont air the info because of fear,
> which is also why i believe many people wont go for it, even though its
> possible (he gave instructions for it).

WHere is he getting the power to electrolyse the water? From power
plants of course. I highly suggest that you get some hard facts on how
much power his system demands from the grid.

His claim of his vehicle "ruining the economy" is a bit extreme but not
totally false, as the economy is not built for his technology. The
problem is that there are not enough power plants to meet the needs if
everyone converted to electric/hybrid/or hydrogen type vehicles. The
reason why the California ZEV law mandating 3% of vehicles be electric
ONLY mandates that 3% be electric is that California has a power surplus
equal to what the additional demand would be if 3% of all car owners in
the state converted to electric vehicles. With electric rates among the
highest in the nation, when they export their surplus power to places
like Washington or Oregon, they get only half the amount they get from
customers in their own state, so they'd obviously like to make top
dollar on every kWh they sell, and if they keep that power in their
state and sell it to electric car owners, they make more profits. The
reason why the state kept the level to 3% of car owners is that if more
people converted than that, then demand on the grid would go up, which
would 1) cause more power plants to be built, and 2) electric rates
would go up due to market pressures.

Politicians like keeping the status quo as quo as possible.

As Wayme's buddy Garth said, "We fear change..."

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