Re: Did Albert Einstein believe in God?

E. Shaun Russell (
Sun, 20 Apr 1997 20:04:40 -0700 (PDT)

CyberEdward wrote:

>The monitor quoted Albert Einstein as referring to a God, indicating
>that he had a belief in God but detested the Judeo-Christian God. I
>hear the quote that Einstein said that God did not throw dice in the
>creation of the universe.

Psychologically, any idea of a divine, commandeering force is a sure
sign of a weakened grip on reality. It can be compared to a child's
imaginary friend: the child believes that it is there, though the parent
knows that it is not. However, though children usually grow out of their
imaginary friend, they don't often grow out of the need for an impetus or
divine force. One who depends on a god is one who fears responsibility;
this can be proven with the concept of "praying". Praying *does* have
healing qualities. This is not because the one who is praying is being
'relieved by God' but because the one who is praying has such a strong
belief that there are other shoulders (God or Jesus') to heap a burden on.
In Einstein's case, he acknowledged the fact that all theorems which he
'discovered' had been created by something else. He saw whatever this force
was as being 'God'. He also understood that the Judeo-Christian God was so
convoluted that there was no credibility. In other words, Einstein ignored
convention and followed what he thought were rational beliefs.


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