Did Albert Einstein believe in God?

Wed, 16 Apr 1997 21:23:20 -0500

Hello Extropians,

I listened to a NPR radio show today about a survey of scientists as to
whether they believe in the existence of a God. 60% don't have any
belief in a God and 40% have varying degrees of belief including one who
called Jesus Christ the most knowledgeable scientist to walk the earth.

The monitor quoted Albert Einstein as referring to a God, indicating
that he had a belief in God but detested the Judeo-Christian God. I
hear the quote that Einstein said that God did not throw dice in the
creation of the universe.

Heisenberg was referred to as having a belief in a unifying principle.

Could someone comment on the above and give the scientific viewpoint on
God, a metaphysical soul etc.

I found the comments of Anders Sandberg in reference to NDE to be very
informative. I have a co-worker who had an alleged NDE experience 20
years ago which changed her life. It seems to have the reprogramming
aspects that Anders referred to.

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