Michael Lorrey (
Sun, 20 Apr 1997 19:59:41 -0400

ard wrote:
> > With all due respect ard, please do not quote the entire digest in one
> > message.....
> > Michael Lorrey
> With all due respect Michael, we quoted not a single word from the digest.
> We did quote six words from Mr. and Mrs. Dylans little boy Bobbie.
> A little observation would have prevented this error....very little
> observation.
> So what was your point? Do you want to explore this topic or just tell us
> what a great place you live in? Most contributors to this list over-quotes
> and usually doesn't bother removing most of what was previously written.
> We usually send pretty clean copy and usually pretty short. So, what was
> your real point? We don't need your answer as much as you do.
> We did receive some good information privately from some on this list.
> We understood that was the purpose of the list, sharing. ard

What you didn't seem to observe was that after the material you sent on
the subject, there was the rest of entire digest included in the
message. I can send you a copy of the message if you don't beleive me. I
really don't need this rudeness, I was just trying to make a suggestion
to make you aware of something that you may not be aware of, just trying
to be helpfull. What I sent to you was minus all of the extra messages
from the rest of the digest.

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