ard (
Sun, 13 Apr 1997 00:41:03 +0200

:From one point of view life is
> just a game, with winners and losers. If there is no game, then
> everything is the same. That is the desired goal for the suffering one,
> but the sorted one realises that the intrinsic sameness of things is
> boring, and magically creates goals, possibilities that call to be
> realised, and that, when realised, will temporarily upset the 'balance',
> whatever it was. The Dance.

Are there not also games without winnners or losers, just players?
"Finite and Infinite Games", describes the difference.

> But if it's not just a machine, then what is it?

Have you considered that it is a response of the observer?

> I'll accept that we might have 'souls' who sneak into our bodies through
> quantum mechanical effects, but that seems to be the only other option.

Why would you accept something like this?

> > If you have never "been there", you don't really "know" what 100%
> > requires, do you?
> Why? You mean that if I climbed 99% of the way up Mt Everest I'd have no
> idea of how to get to the top or what it would be like up there?

There is a difference between realizing Bliss and climbing Mt. Everest.
How could we possibly entertain such a meaning?

> IMHO near-death experiences are identical to Lilly/Leary/Wilson's
> metaprogramming experiences; you just get there a different way. In
> case your brain is so far from its normal state that you have the
> opportunity to program in significant changes on the way back to
> 'reality'.

..."back to 'reality'..." ....From 'actuality' ?