Re: PSYCH: Self Exploration

ard (
Sun, 13 Apr 1997 01:45:13 +0200

> I do not want to be unknown person posting messages!
> Let us know who we are!

Have you looked in your wallet lately?

> We probably do not know each other; that does not help us.

Probably doesn't hurt either, does it?

> Tell me who you are; I want to know you.

Would you believe we lost our wallet?

> Let us know what you think should be done, what need be done.


> What are your problems?.

Not having enough time to list all our problems.

> Tell me what you want;

The whole world to go metric, including time, and the universal use of the
Korean alphabet.

> if I were your slave for life what would I do?

Bend over, we'll think about it.

> Help me help you.

If we can't help ourselves, how can we help you to help us?

> Let us get organized

Wasn't this the most-spoken line by Jonathan Winters in "It's a Mad, Mad,
Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World"?

> to do more than talk, to control our lives. Let us work together and

Whose lives are out of "control"?

> What are we doing?

Writing a lot of appears.

> I learn and teach; I want to learn what you want me to teach you.

We want you to learn to teach us how to in-line skate down the Matterhorn.

> What can we do?

We would suggest some good protective gear as a starter.

> I can be filled with doubt and not be able to answer this question,
> though there is no thing I can not do if I try hard enough.
> What can we not do?

Right off, you may have trouble stretching your upper lip over the top of
your head while singing the Star-speckled Banana at a State Dinner in the
White House.

> I can not be immortal yet and it makes me sad, afraid, and angry.

A single thought has the power to make you sad, afraid, and angry?
Perhaps you are already immortal.

> Let us learn how we could do it, then do it. We need a plan; if you
listen to me I will give you one. Follow me, you will be led; Sit on your
ass, you will be dead.
You choose and you choose now! If I get one person motivated and bring
their brain to life we will be one step closer to our goals.

Why would anyone need a leader, especially one who is held emotional
hostage to their thoughts?

WAKE up! We are DYING! Our DNA is being TORN APART by free radicals!

Is it possible to jail those damn radicals?

Bacteria, virus, and fungus are DEVOURING our cells!

Bacteria is also helping us to stay alive. We eat fungus too, so it is a
life-lives-off-life world. So what is new?

We are eating TOXINS!

Check out the natural toxins in potato peels. Aren't you glad your body
knows how to identify, seperate, and discharge toxins? Of course that
means you have to keep intoxicating yourself if you want to get drunk
again. Not too cost effective.

People are STARVING! People are KILLING each other and themselves! Natural
DISASTER is known world-wide!

How many humans die each day? 100,000? 200,000? More?

How much time is wasted? ...too much; stop playing games and get serious;
this is our life we are talking about!

All of life is a game. There IS a cure for seriousness. :-) Join our