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Sun, 13 Apr 1997 18:41:00 +0000

On Sun, 13 Apr 1997, ard wrote:

> > But if it's not just a machine, then what is it?
> Have you considered that it is a response of the observer?

Huh? I'm afraid your replies are becoming increasingly hard to understand.

> > I'll accept that we might have 'souls' who sneak into our bodies through
> > quantum mechanical effects, but that seems to be the only other option.
> Why would you accept something like this?

Because it seems to be the only plausible option other than mechanism.
Many people believe we have 'souls'. The only way they could interact with
our bodies would be through quantum mechanical effects. I don't think
this can ever be proved or disproved.

> There is a difference between realizing Bliss and climbing Mt. Everest.
> How could we possibly entertain such a meaning?


> ..."back to 'reality'..." ....From 'actuality' ?

Back to 'reality' from the 'clear light' experience, whatever that may be.


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