Life And Death (Natural Immortality)

Mike C. (
Wed, 9 Apr 1997 23:56:07 -0400

To understand life we must understand death.
Alive is not dead.
Dead is not alive.

When is dead dead?
No brain activity means death.
Before that no heart activity meant death.
Before that no lung activity meant death.
Perhaps there was a time when no structural muscle activity meant death.

Does death exist?
No one has proven to me that death can exist from the subject's view point.
It is seems impossible that though one may experience the process of dying
one can experience death.
It is accepted that if I am dead I can not experience.
Therefore I can not experience death,
I can only experience dying.

How far from dying is living?
If I am dying I am alive.
If I am alive I am living.
I am living;
I am dying;
is there any real difference?
I say there is only action/change/motion/movement
and I challenge everyone to verify or falsify that.