Re: REAL TEST - Smart Drugs/Supplement Information

Natasha V. More (
Wed, 9 Apr 1997 21:03:42 -0700 (MST)

Robert states:

> 3) Someone distributes a test ( could be a standard IQ test, or an
> attached program that will test hand-eye coordination, or
> whatever is appropriate to the drug of choice ) This establishes
> a baseline.

Peter Voss has designed an intelligence test ( Perhaps
it could be helpful in determining aspects intellectual enhancements.

Standard IQ tests are limiting. Hand-eye coordination realizes specific
systematization - good evaluation technique. Memory processing is central to
learning and thinking - recollection, recall, recognition and relearning -
good evaluation technique.

Any of these test would identify any smart drug effects, however it seems to
me that the measure we would be looking for can be established by comparing
markers for intelligence before supplementation - to after supplementation.
Otherwise, how do we know if Jack is "naturally" a coordinated person while
Jill has always been a bit bovine. Or that, Jill is endowed with innate
capabilities in memory, or photographic memory, while Jack's recollection
techniques are stimulated more by audio?

Lee comments:

>> 4) Have a trusted person blindly distribute it and placebos by snail mail.
>> ( Max, want to volunteer? )
>I'll kick in some bucks for postage; no need to burden ExI.

Trusted person - Max. Doesn't have to be ExI (although stamps are always a
good commodity.)

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