Re: REAL TEST - Smart Drugs/Supplement Information

Lee Daniel Crocker (
Wed, 9 Apr 1997 19:33:34 -0700 (PDT)

> I propose an experiment with ourselves as the subjects:
> 1) We collectively choose a smart drug to try.

Actually, that should be done by a trusted anonymous person
as well, so that neither the experimenters nor the subjects
have any expectation of what it's supposed to do. The subjects
should ideally be those with no previous experience.

> 2) Someone slightly skeptical establishes a testing protocol.
> ( Lee, want to volunteer? )

I don't qualify as only "slightly" skeptical, but I'll certainly
lay out some rules. RULE #1: anyone who regularly takes them
now is out.

> 3) Someone distributes a test ( could be a standard IQ test, or an
> attached program that will test hand-eye coordination, or
> whatever is appropriate to the drug of choice ) This establishes
> a baseline.

A Java applet, of course. It should have multiple tests, including
linguistic ones, visual ones, etc., and the subjects should not know
what they are expected to be good or bad at. A web form can be used
for reporting as well, but the test has to be an applet for timing.

> 4) Have a trusted person blindly distribute it and placebos by snail mail.
> ( Max, want to volunteer? )

I'll kick in some bucks for postage; no need to burden ExI.

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