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Date: Fri May 18 2001 - 06:12:41 MDT

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|In a message dated 5/17/01 9:15:37 AM, writes:
|>> but they would grant asylum if they thought the conviction
|>> or the punishment was inappropriate.
|>Has Canada or any other country actually granted U.S. citizens asylum from
|>the U.S. government?
|Western European countries have refused to extradite people subject to
|possible execution in the US. Not quite asylum but it's close. I can't
|think of any explicit asylum grants, nor could I find any browsing the
|Web. I did find two denials - a Communist in the Netherlands and a
|medical marijuana advocate in BC.

Switzerland granted Timothy Leary political asylum from the U.S.

He had, with the help of a political group known as the Weathermen,
escaped from a U.S. prison at the time. The Swiss concluded the U.S.
persecuted him for his political views.

[Source: Timothy Leary's selfbiography ``Flashbacks'']

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