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Date: Fri May 18 2001 - 06:04:19 MDT

On Fri, 18 May 2001, Francois-Rene Rideau wrote:

> (and (buy I (lisp-machine) :tense 'past :time 'just)
> (love I it :manner '(very much)))
> #| |#

Yes, imagine the alternative reality branch when we would have gotten PCs
based on Lisp hardware. What would 20 years of hardware and software
development culminated in? No one knows. Thank you, IBM, Intel, Microsoft
and your innumerable quislings.

> \ LISP is a reflective language thanks to (reader) macros

I'm leaving to set up CMU/Hemlock for my next box. Time to upgrade anyway,
the current motherboard has seen three generations of processors already,
it ain't going to last forever. Will do nicely as online node, though.

> \ or did that "machine" factor to Forth ?
> \ Well, I wish those PSC 1000 or i21 (or i32) had better success...
> \

I like Forth because of the minimalism both in hardware and software.
Another alternative reality branch: Chuck's current designs cropping up
~1980. If we ever are going to get affordable desktop nanolithoprinters...

> ; Forth is reflective, too, thanks to input control
> ; actually, it can be argued that FORTH and LISP are the only
> ; standard languages that are really Turing-equivalent,
> ; for some strict formal notion of Turing-equivalence.
> (quit)

Forth and Lisp are really a curious pair of siamese twins.

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> We know how prefix is LISP syntax, FORTH syntax postfix while the syntax
> is braindeadfix in C; well, the syntax of XML is a hardcorepornfix syntax:
> it does it all the ways at the same time.

The only good thing about XML is that it is an industry standard.

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