Re: Natasha Vita-More featured on Discovery/TLC Tonight!

From: Michael Lorrey (
Date: Mon Mar 26 2001 - 15:05:33 MST

Mark Plus wrote:
> Michael Lorrey wrote,
> >
> >Of course. Being literate and poetic doesn't get you laid nearly as
> >easily as a set of hard pecs / nice butt. One has to have priorities.
> On the contrary, consider what Robin Williams said in The Dead Poets'
> Society: Men evolved language to woo women.
> And in a recent film, Sean Connery tells an aspiring young black
> writer that not only will women want to bed him if he writes a book,
> they'll even want to bed him if he writes a bad book.
> So, there are more ways of demonstrating reproductive fitness than
> merely meeting certain physical criteria.

Reality check, Mark: those WERE movies. However, point taken. My only
response is that too many people think of the hard work of weightlifting
as somehow easier than the hard work of writing a bad novel. I think I'm
on safe ground to say there are far more people in excellent physical
shape than are novelists. Natasha, of course, is a writer as well, so my
comments obviously don't apply to her.

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