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Date: Mon Mar 26 2001 - 13:14:33 MST

Michael Lorrey wrote,

>From: Michael Lorrey
>Subject: Re: Natasha Vita-More featured on Discovery/TLC Tonight!
>Date: Mon, 26 Mar 2001 13:07:10 -0500
>Mark Plus wrote:
> >
> > I watched most of that episode, and the cultural obsession with
> > appearance portrayed therein reminded me of something the late Allan
> > Bloom wrote in The Closing of the American Mind:
> >
> > "As it now stands, [American college] students have powerful images of
> > what a perfect body is and pursue it incessantly. But deprived of
> > literary guidance, they no longer have any image of a perfect soul,
> > and hence do not long to have one. They do not even imagine that
> > there is such a thing."
>Of course. Being literate and poetic doesn't get you laid nearly as

>easily as a set of hard pecs / nice butt. One has to have priorities.

On the contrary, consider what Robin Williams said in The Dead Poets' Society:  Men evolved language to woo women.

And in a recent film, Sean Connery tells an aspiring young black writer that not only will women want to bed him if he writes a book, they'll even want to bed him if he writes a bad book.

So, there are more ways of demonstrating reproductive fitness than merely meeting certain physical criteria. 



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