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From: J. R. Molloy (
Date: Mon Mar 26 2001 - 14:50:18 MST

I've heard that women evolved spoken language and men invented written language.
Could this explain why Chinese don't write romance novels?

In the Singularity Age, the SI decides who demonstrates reproductive fitness.
(Basically, anyone who wants to reproduce thereby demonstrates unfitness.)


--J. R.

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  From: Mark Plus
  On the contrary, consider what Robin Williams said in The Dead Poets' Society: Men evolved language to woo women.

  And in a recent film, Sean Connery tells an aspiring young black writer that not only will women want to bed him if he writes a book, they'll even want to bed him if he writes a bad book.

  So, there are more ways of demonstrating reproductive fitness than merely meeting certain physical criteria.

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