Re: Economic (ignorance) Nativism and me

Date: Sat Mar 24 2001 - 21:34:12 MST

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<< If there were no shortage, your salaries/rates would be lower than they
 Then, where would the incentive be to get people from overseas? >>

OK, so basically you approve of a pay cap for domestic workers based on
global competition, because the domestic workers demand too much. This is
very much the view that I expected of those of a libertarian economic
philosophy, and who is to say you are wrong?

But all should be forced to compete in the global market. Why not bring in a
million medical professionals to take care of us in the USA? What about
Sweetheart deals could be set up between health insurance companies and
pharmacy chains-halving costs? This could apply to legal services also. I
mean, why pay lawyers thousands of dollars when foreign attorneys could be
much more inexpensive? How about foreign police and fire services? Why
should these be exempt? :-) Eh! Its a notion. Here is a link to a law firm
that is dedicated to protect and promote foreign IT workers. Its a 'dated'
link but it provides a bit of info.


Yah! This has been done by Microsoft, with its India based training centers
already, but there are contracting firms bringing significant numbers of
foreign workers, anyway (see the law firm link above).

So where does that leave us? If Joe Corp executive has come to feel that he
can get quality work of imported foreign workers, it will delight his
shareholders if such occurs-more money in the short term. Notice how H1-Bs
never applies to managers?
Supposedly, 5.6 million new IT workers will be needed in the USA in the next
5 years. Gates and company may have a point, if true. If not....?

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