Economic (ignorance) Nativism and me

Date: Sat Mar 24 2001 - 14:46:55 MST

I was watching a CNN report, on an issue that has been brewing since last
year, when an org funded by Gates of Microsoft, and Larry Elison of Oracle
had a 'study' that postulated something like 1.5 million IT jobs would be
created in the USA in something like 5 years. Then this org proceeded to hit
Congress, with the need for permitting much, more 1H-B applicants. This
category of applicants are non USA people, supposedly needed to keep the
American technological workhorse from floundering, due to lack of enough
Americans trained in IT.

My own nasty suspicion, is that this unbelievable, demand, for computer
geeks, described in the 'report' may merely be a fig leaf to use foreign, IT
guys and gals to drive down the pay rates of US proggies. My anger (if it is
justified) is not at all targeted toward these foreign workers; but toward
their paymasters of silicon valley, and their buds in corporate USA.

Most of you are of Libertarian in temperament, if not in actual voting
pattern. Is it reasonable to be concerned that our economic living standards
may be driven down by what might be a scam? Is there any independent,
corroborating, economic studies, that would indicate that we are indeed, in
such dire, lack of trained North Americans, that we need to import; lest the
wheel of intellectual commerce poop-out? If the captains of industry are
putting such a grand inaccuracy, won't a declining standard of living for USA
IT workers eventually, puncture their profit margins??

I know I come off looking like a nativist, troglodyte (especially if I am),
however I am willing to be corrected.


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